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ClearCase Support: How to Display Config Records

Have you ever had a derived object file that you wanted to know what files were used to create it? In other words, did you ever compile a file but wanted to know specifically what versions, elements, and View private files from the VOB and View went into creating the file?

If you used clearmake to compile the file, then you can use this command to reverse engineer a list of all the files and directories that were used to compile the file in question.

cleartool catcr –flat -type fdl DERIVED_OBJECT

For example:

 $ cleartool  catcr  –flat  -type  fdl  stdio.exe
 MVFS objects:
    13 /vob/test/.@@/main/9                                  <13-Oct-98.12:23:00>
    10 /vob/test/source@@/main/12                            <17-Feb-00.08:46:23>
     2 /vob/test/source/stdio.h@@/main/11                    <02-Feb-00.19:37:24>
     2 /vob/test/comm/stdio.c@@/main/5                       <15-Dec-17.17:18:34>

I recommend that you save the output of this command to a file, since the output could be very large. Additionally, I recommend that you archive (source control) this file for future audit purposes.

by Phil for Humanity
on 04/29/2008

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