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ClearCase Support: Finding Old Views

I was recently asked a question on how to determine when a ClearCase View was created and last used. This is easy to do with this command:

cleartool lsview -pro VIEW_NAME

For example:

 $ cleartool lsview -pro VIEW_NAME
 Created 23-Jun-07.11:10:11 by USERID.GROUP@MACHINE
 Last modified 04-May-08.14:57:04 by USERID.GROUP@MACHINE
 Last accessed 04-May-08.17:57:34 by USERID.GROUP@MACHINE
 Owner: SITE/USERID      : rwx (all)
 Group: SITE/GROUP       : r-x (read)
 Other:                  : r-x (read)
 Additional groups: SITE1.GROUP1 SITE2.GROUP2

I recommend that you automate the checking of all ClearCase Views with this script.

by Phil for Humanity
on 05/06/2008

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