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ClearCase Support: Renaming Label and Branch Types

Do you want to rename a label or branch on all files or elements that have it? Well, you can rename a label type or branch type for an entire VOB with a single command.

Here is an example. Let's say you want to rename a label type called "OLD" to become "NEW", then this is the command that you would use:

$ cleartool rename lbtype:OLD lbtype:NEW

Alternatively, you can run this similiar command to rename branch types too:

$ cleartool rename brtype:OLD brtype:NEW

If the label or branch exists in more than one VOB, then you have to run this command in each VOB that it exists in.

Also, these commands will not work if the label or branch type is locked by someone else, so you will need an administrator to unlock the label and branch types first.

by Phil for Humanity
on 07/04/2008

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