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ClearCase Support: How to Copy VOB Data

Have you ever wanted to copy ClearCase data even from one VOB to another VOB? In other words, copy an element (including its entire version tree, branches, labels, merge arrows, etc.) or even a set of elements (an entire directory of ClearCase data). Here is how to do it:

In this example, letís say we want to copy a directory, at this location /vob/prototypes/ABC, to the root directory of another VOB, called /vob/tools, that we will call the destination VOB.
  1. First, log into the account that is the VOB owner of the destination VOB. You may need to contact your local administrators for this access.

    su root
  2. Set a View that is owned by this account.

    cleartool setview root
  3. Next, go to the directory where the data source resides.

    cd /vob/prototypes
  4. Prepare the data, the ABC directory, to be copied over by exporting it with this command. No changes will be made to the "/vob/prototypes" VOB using this command.

    clearexport_ccase Ėr ABC

    The "-r" argument will recursively export all the data in the ABC directory and all sub-directories too. This command will create a "cvt_data" data file in the current directory.
  5. Go to the destination directory:

    cd /vob/tools
  6. Finally, import the data file using this command.

    clearimport -v /vob/prototypes/cvt_data

    The "-v" argument will import the data in verbose mode. Again, no changes will be made to the "/vob/prototypes" VOB using this command either. You may have to un-checkout the current directory if this command failed for whatever reason, especially if you are going to try re-executing this command.

by Phil for Humanity
on 10/13/2008

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