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ClearCase Support: Deleting Checkouts from Old Views

Quite often a ClearCase View becomes corrupted or deleted, yet it still has checked out files in a VOB. Since the View does not exist or is no longer usable, the only solution is to delete all references of that View from a VOB. This method will uncheckout all the files for a single View in a specific VOB. This is also known as deleting ClearCase View references.

First, you must find the Unique Unix Identification Number (uuid) of that View in the VOB in question with this command:

cleartool describe -long vob:VOB_NAME

This will display a lot of information. In the section labeled "VOB holds objects from the following views:", you will see lines that look like this:


For instance,

PHILS_COMPUTER:C:\view\viewname.vws [uuid f03ee621.35da11da.95f9.00:30:6d:48:ad:10]

In this example, the uuid is "f03ee621.35da11da.95f9.00:30:6d:48:ad:10".

Next, to delete all references of this View in a certain VOB, you will need to run this command. Note that there is no way to undo these changes, unless you made backups of the VOB and View.

cleartool rmview -vob VOB_NAME -uuid UUID_NUMBER

For our example, the command would look like this:

$ cleartool rmview -vob /vob/test -uuid f03ee621.35da11da.95f9.00:30:6d:48:ad:10
Remove view "C:\view\viewname.vws" references from VOB? [no] y
Removed references to view "C:\view\viewname.vws" from VOB "/vob/test".

by Phil for Humanity
on 07/16/2007

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