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ClearCase Support: Common ClearCase Config Spec Error Message

Here is a common ClearCase error that I am asked to resolve about once a month or so.

$ cleartool edcs
Set config spec for view "VIEW_NAME"? [yes]
cleartool: Error: No registered VOB tag in path: "/VOB_NAME/...".
cleartool: Error: Config spec semantic processing failed.
Errors during compilation - edit config spec? [yes]

The problem is that a Windows Config Spec is being used on UNIX. Specifically, Windows VOB paths typically start with "\VOB_NAME\" or "/VOB_NAME/". For instance, a "tools" VOB will have a VOB path of "\tools\".

Unfortunately, this is not a valid path for ClearCase in UNIX. On UNIX, we must use the VOB tag for the VOB path instead of just the VOB name. For example, the "tools" VOB will need to have the path of "/vob/tools/" or "/vobs/tools/". Therefore, to resolve the above error message, all you have to do is update each Windows VOB path in your config spec to use UNIX paths instead.

Alternatively, the same error will happen if you try to import a UNIX config spec onto Windows. The solution is to convert the UNIX VOB paths to Windows VOB paths.

by Phil for Humanity
on 10/23/2008

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