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ClearCase Support: How to Delete Branches and Branch Types

Here is the command to delete a branch.

cleartool rmbranch –nc –force ELEMENT_PATH@@FULL_BRANCH_PATH

For instance, if you wanted to delete the /test/ branch and the branch was branched from the /main/ branch on the file "/vob/test/a.txt", then here is the command.

$ cleartool rmbranch –nc –force /vob/test/a.txt@@/main/test

Alternatively, here is the command to delete an entire branch type. In other words, you wanted to delete all the branches with a certain branch name as well as deleting the branch name.

cleartool rmtype –rmall –force brtype:BRANCH_TYPE_NAME

Keep in mind, this will delete the branch type in only one VOB at a time, so you have to run this command once in each VOB that you want the branch type deleted.

by Phil for Humanity
on 11/12/2008

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