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ClearCase Support: Common ClearCase Labeling Error Message

Here is a common error message in ClearCase when recursively labeling.

$ cleartool mklabel -nc -r TEST_LABEL .
cleartool: Error: Unable to access "./FILE2.txt": No such file or directory.
Created label "TEST_LABEL" on "." version "/main/2".
Created label "TEST_LABEL" on "./FILE1.txt" version "/main/1".

This error message is because your config spec is setup to not access any version of the "FILE2.txt" element. Therefore, the ClearCase make label command knows that there is an element with that name; however, it can not access any version of element to label. Thus, this error message is produced.

Fortunately, the make label command does continue labeling everything else, so you can ignore this error message if you do not want that element labeled. On the other hand, if you need to label this element, then you can either change your config spec to access a version of the element and then label it or you can specify the exact version of the element to label with the make label command like this example below.

$ cleartool mklabel -nc TEST_LABEL FILE2.txt@@VERSION

This command only works because ClearCase knows that the element exists, even though no version of the element is selected in the config spec.

by Phil for Humanity
on 11/14/2008

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