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ClearCase Support: Advanced Config Specs (Part 2)

Here is a sneaky shortcut when editing a Config Spec a lot. Don't!

Instead, you can edit your Config Spec only once and have it point to a text file instead.

#element * CHECKEDOUT
include /tmp/config_spec_rules.txt
#element * /main/LATEST

Now you can more easily edit your Config Spec with your favorite editor, since it is now in a text file. This makes automating changes to your Config Spec much simpler too. Keep in mind that whenever editing the included file, the View will need to be alerted of a change using this refresh View command:

cleartool setcs -current

You can mix and match regular Config Spec rules with include rules in any order that you wish. And you can have any number of included files in your Config Spec, however you can not include a file from an include file. I assume this restriction is to prevent a possible infinite loop (i.e. an include file cannot include itself).

by Phil for Humanity
on 12/02/2008

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