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ClearCase Support: Unable to Mount a VOB

I often have the problem of being unable to mount a VOB in UNIX. Typically, it is because a process is running that is in the same path that I want the VOB mount to be. For example, someone is in the path "/vob/test" when the VOB "/vob/test" is not mounted. At this point, no one can mount the VOB unless the process leaves this directory.

Here's how to find the offending process. First, find the all the processes currently in the directory with this UNIX command:

$ fuser /vob/test
/vob/test: 7394c

Next, find the owner(s) of each process number found with this command (note: this command can be slightly different on different operating systems):

$ ps -fp 7394c
userid 7394 2869 0 Jun 1 ttypd 0:00 ksh

At this point in time, you can either contact this person directly to exit the directory you wish to mount or manually kill this process with root access.

by Phil for Humanity
on 07/28/2007

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