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ClearCase Support: How to Diff Config Records

Comparing config records between two derived objects has always been easy. First, you run "cleartool catcr …" on both derived objects while saving the config records to two files and then just diffing both files.

However, now this can be achieved with this single command.

cleartool diffcr -element_only -flat –short "DERVIED_OBJECT_1" "DERVIED_OBJECT_2"

You can even run this command on two derived objects in different Views like this example:

cleartool diffcr -element_only -flat –short "/view/VIEW1/vob/test/filename.exe" "/view/VIEW2/vob/test/filename.exe"

Do not forget to redirect the output to a file, since the output can be quite long.

by Phil for Humanity
on 06/08/2009

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