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ClearCase Support: ClearAudit

Ever want to auto-generate a config record on Windows yet you were not using clearmake, so you did not know how?

There is a command, called "clearaudit", that will record each and every version accesed (read or write) including parent directories.

To use this command, just run "clearaudit" from the DOS command line, and it will open a sub-shell. Now, no matter which window or program that accesses any ClaerCase data, the version list will be record in a master config record. Just type "exit" in the original DOS command line to stop collecting config record data.

If you want to run clearaudit on a command or script and then automatically exit from clearaudit when done, you can use this command:

$ clearaudit /c [command]

The only problem with this command is that it is very slow, especially when exiting.

by Phil for Humanity
on 09/24/2010

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