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ClearCase Support: How to Make a ClearCase Branch

You may be asking yourself how to create a branch in ClearCase from the command line. Here's how!

First, create a branch name (this is called a branch type) in the VOB that you want to make the branch in:

$ cleartool mkbrtype TEST_BRANCH
Comments for "TEST_BRANCH":
Created branch type "TEST_BRANCH".

Don't forget to enter a comment for the branch type, or you can use the "-nc" argument for no comment.

Now, you are ready to make a branch on an element in ClearCase, using this command:

$ cleartool mkbranch -nc TEST_BRANCH filename.txt
Created branch "TEST_BRANCH" on "filename.txt" from version "/main/179".
Checked out "filename.txt" from "/main/TEST_BRANCH/0".

by Phil for Humanity
on 08/02/2007

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