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ClearCase Support: Updating Magic Files for Changing Default Element Types

If you consistently get element "type" error messages when trying to check in a new element for the first time, then you probably manually change the elementís type to be able to check in the file using this process.

However, if the file name is consistent, then you can reconfigure ClearCase to do this automatically for you. For instance, you can define all files that end in the extension ".install" to be a compressed file type instead of the default text file type.

Just update your magic file located in one of these locations:

UNIX path: /usr/atria/config/magic/default.magic

Windows path: C:\Program Files\Rational\ClearCase\config\magic\default.magic

For my example, you just need to add a line like this at the correct location of the file:

install_file compressed_file : -name "*.install" ;

You may have to stop and restart ClearCase on your computer for this change to take affect. And donít forget to make this change on all your servers and clients.

by Phil for Humanity
on 11/04/2010

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