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ClearCase Support: Recommended Triggers

As you probably already know, ClearCase VOBs are not perfect, however they are customizable. That is why I recommend that these three ClearCase triggers be installed on every production VOB.
  1. First, ClearCase Administrators should not allow regular users access to permanently remove entire ClearCase elements. That is why I recommend implementing and installing a ClearCase trigger that only allows administrators to remove elements. Here is an example of this trigger.
  2. Second, only build engineers, administrators, and software configuration managers (SCMs) should have access to checkout on release branches. So, I recommend having a trigger that allows only certain users access to check out on any of the release branches.
  3. Finally, the biggest problem that I had when I first learned ClearCase Administration was that new elements were always created by users with the wrong permissions. So, I recommend a ClearCase trigger that changes the permissions on all new elements. First, directories should be writable by all users, so directories should have permissions 660 or 666. Second, files should be writable and executable by all users, so files should have permissions 770 or 777. Furthermore, all elements should verify and possibly change to the correct primary group for the VOB.
These scripts are very simple to implement, if you know how to install ClearCase triggers. And the advantages of implementing these three triggers far outweigh the time used to implement them.

by Phil for Humanity
on 12/15/2010

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