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ClearCase Support: Error Removing Baselines

This next ClearCase Administration tip is from Premal Acharya.

If you try to remove a baseline from an integration stream, and you get this error message:

cleartool: Error: Cannot remove baseline that is the foundation for a timeline.
cleartool: Error: Unable to remove baseline "baseline:XXXXXXXXXX".

You may have already removed all activities and development streams from the integration stream, so there is nothing left other than the baseline. Yet, you are still not able to remove the baseline, then here is the work around:

The baseline that you are trying to remove was used to seed other new projects and was the foundation baseline for them. When you create or deliver a baseline, or do any ClearCase activity that involves changing a baseline in any form, the data is recorded in the timeline folder of ClearCase project. The timeline is similar to system files and folders used in Windows that are not visible and not modifiable by users. It can only be changed by ClearCase using its internal processes. Unfortunately, there is not much information available about timelines on IBM's website.

To remove all baselines, where you are getting this error, try using the following process. This needs to be carry out on every component from where you want to remove the baseline.

  1. Describe baseline using the -l option.
  2. Make a note of hyperlinks shown at the end.
  3. Remove all those hyperlinks using the cleartool rmhlink command. Keep in mind, removing hyperlinks without proper knowledge can be VERY harmful unless suggested by tech support.
  4. Again, describe the baseline to see that there are no hyperlinks present.
  5. Once all the hyperlinks are removed, you can remove the baseline using the rmbl -f command.
Good luck!

by Premal Acharya
on 12/07/2011

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