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Companies are Taking Over the World

The United States of America is a democracy; however capitalism has taken a huge amount of political power away from individuals and given it to big businesses. Basically, a vast number of American politicians have been bought and paid for by big businesses, and the influence that companies have over the democratic process is still increasing. Some people might even say that companies have more political control than the citizens of the United States.

I find this particularly noteworthy; because throughout the history of mankind, people have always been ruled by governments and/or religions. Technically, companies do not directly govern any country; however the political agenda of big businesses is without a doubt the strongest it has ever been and still growing.

While this is nothing new, the interesting part is how companies are affecting non-democratic countries. For instance, China is ruled by an authoritarian government that still calls itself a communist party. In actually, this party is a post-communist party, because it has completely embraced capitalism as the method of improving China's economy. The only unanswered question is if this post-communist party made this change for the benefit of the Chinese people or the party itself?

Either way, what has happened is that corporations have taken a massive foothold in China. For example, most companies are not above bribing political leaders to get their way; and in China, bribing is commonplace. Americans may know the more politically correct term for bribing as lobbying. Basically, lobbying is an attempt to monitor and limit how much companies can bribe political officials.

Furthermore, I think the environmental damage happening almost everywhere in China is a sign that big businesses can do whatever they want there, without consequences to the impact of their citizens and resources. Therefore, it is obvious that the Communist Party already favors companies over their citizens as long as there is economic growth. As a result, these Chinese policies have better secured the communist party as the rulers of China.

However, I predict that companies will start, if they have not already, to institutionalize themselves with the Chinese governments. Eventually, even China will have a process for handling and giving into the demands of big businesses even if these demands conflict with Communist Party's agenda.

In conclusion, I think companies have or soon will have much more influence over every country in the world, even if the country is communist or a dictatorship. And through time and economic stimulus, companies will gain more and more power in every country too. Eventually, companies will take over the world. Maybe this is a good thing, maybe notů only time will tell.

by Phil for Humanity
on 08/12/2008

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