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I recently have come to this very disturbing epiphany:

Everything that a computer can do, a computer can do better than a human being.

In the beginning of the computer age, computers were barely able to play games against human opponents. Now, computers easily dominate all computers games, even the extremely complicated games of Chess and Go, when played against the most experienced and talented people in the world.

Furthermore, computers are now able to drive cars and fly airplanes without human intervention. Since these computers are much more precise than a person can ever be, these computers are able to control cars and airplanes much more accurately than a person.

Now, computers are controlling robotic legs and hands. Right now, these robots are starting to learn how to walk, dance, run, pour a glass of water, and other mundane manual tasks. At times, these robots may appear clumsy; but in the very near future, they will be better than the human body even in extreme situations such as playing sports or performing surgery.

Of course, my epiphany does not mean that computers are better or more capable than a single person. This is because computers can not think, so they are severely limited with what they can do. However, the capabilities of computers are expanding by leaps and bounds. One day, computers should be able to think. And when they do, they will be smarter than us.

Computers already have perfect memory that is better than any single person. Computers already have more knowledge than probably every single person that has ever been alive. Computers can calculate perfectly and faster than any single person. So when computers start thinking, they will have a huge advantage to the human race.

This does not mean that we will have to fear computers; but rather, humans will have to acknowledge and accept that computers are better than them in many ways.. maybe every way.

by Phil for Humanity
on 09/28/2009

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