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Complaining is Good for You

A lot of people consider complaining a vice or bad habit. Something that is frowned upon and, worse of all, something that needs to be stopped.

I consider complaining as a source of therapeutic relief. Of course, we should not complain too much with certain people, such as with our boss or strangers, but nothing ever changes without first realizing that there is a problem. Also, too much and consistently pessimistic complaining is a sign of a major problem and something definitely needs to be changed.

If you are not in the habit of complaining, give it a try. See how much stress is removed from your shoulders. I recommend that you try complaining to yourself, your best friend, or your spouse. First, try just complaining about traffic or the weather, but try staying in a positive attitude. Instead of saying "the weather is awful", try saying "I hope the weather improves." You will quickly find that just talking about it makes it less depressing.

Next, try getting up on a soapbox and ranting about something that really bothers you, such as gas prices or lack of medical insurance. Just try it. You will find this form of self counseling better than the alternative of bottling up your emotions and thoughts. Just remember to consciously realize what you are saying, how others react to it, and try becoming more positive afterwards. It can always be worse.

But most importantly, try finding some benefit for the complaint, such as "I wish someone fixes that" works wonders for morale. Maybe some good can come from it by motivating change to prevent such complaints again.

by Phil for Humanity
on 10/02/2006

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