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Confusing Voting Ballots

I recently received my official sample ballot for the General Elections. And once again, I can only scratch my head when reading the new proposed laws that I am suppose to vote for.

Changes to both the "state constitutional amendments" and "county initiatives" on my sample ballot were obviously written by lawyers and written for lawyers. Politicians must have accepted the wording of these proposed law changes without any serious concern for the average American voter. Unfortunately, the average American voter is not a lawyer and does not understand the legalese (lawyer talk) that these proposed laws are written it. As a result, the average American voter must vote upon these proposed laws that they will most likely not understand.

I can only assume that these difficult to understand proposed law changes are intentionally that way. I believe this is to either confuse the average voters to not vote for what they do not understand, or to confuse voters to vote for the opposite of what they understood or want. Therefore, this tactic increases the probability of passing laws into the politician's favor.

The only possible solution is to demand proposed laws to be written for the average American to be able to understand. Heck, this should be the law.

by Phil for Humanity
on 10/28/2008

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