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Why Conservatives are typically not Conservationists too?

Have you wondered why most conservatives are not conservationists?

You would think that since both types of people have the same root word, specifically "conserve", then both types of people would be somewhat similar or at least have some common ground. However, they do not.

The word conservative typically means a person who supports and maintains existing institutions, view points, and traditions. While the word conservationist typically means a person who supports and protects natural resources and preservations (undeveloped land).

Apparently, most conservatives do not believe in conserving natural resources, even though nature is very traditional. This is because the exploitation of natural resources better supports institutions, such as businesses and governments, by creating jobs and earning profits.

Basically, conservatives are conserving capitalism. Or more specifically, conservatives are more interested in conserving their money, greed, and power.

On the other hand, conservationists are more altruistic. They want to save the environment from conservatives for future generations and for preserving the wildlife.

You will have to decide which is best for yourself.

by Phil for Humanity
on 07/09/2009

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