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Contacting Aliens

Stephen Hawking recently warned humanity that we should not try contacting aliens, because the consequences would most likely be devastating for mankind. It would probably be similar to what happened to the Native Americans when Christopher Columbus colonized and explored the Americas.

For instance, aliens from another world would most likely want and take our resources, and the most unique resources on Earth is life. The other resources on Earth, such as raw minerals, water, etc., are insignificant when compared to the same resources found throughout the solar system that visiting aliens would have no problems exploiting or mining; furthermore, the entire galaxy has exponentially more resources that our little solar system and planet. Therefore, these aliens probably would not be interested in our raw resources, yet would be interested in our living resources. Another problem that aliens would bring are the biological contagions, bacteria, and viruses from planets that could easily wreck havoc to most of the life on the planet and possibly kill whole ecosystems. Moreover, the sudden culture changes that mankind would experience would overwhelm the existing human culture. The sudden leaps in technology would also be catastrophic to technology companies and Wall Street. Finally, these visiting aliens would be so far technologically advanced than humanity that mankind would be unable to mount any formidable defense to safe guard ourselves, our environment, our culture, our society, or our resources.

With all these negative impacts with contacting advanced aliens from another world, there is nothing that mankind can do, because it is too late. Ever since the 1930s, mankind has been broadcasting radio signals out of the solar system, and our broadcast signals have been increasing in strength ever since. So that means if mankind immediately stops transmitting new radio waves, our existing radio waves will still reach out hundreds or maybe thousands of light years, where aliens could notice them.

Even mankind is searching space for intelligent life using the SETI projects. Thus, it is logical to assume that a more advanced civilization would be doing the exact same thing, therefore eventually listening to us and thus finding mankind.

There are only two uncertainties with the eventual communication of aliens. First, how will humanity first respond to these aliens that know that we exist and where we are? Second, will these aliens visit Earth; and if so, what will humanity do then?

If you could decide, what would you do?

by Phil for Humanity
on 07/10/2010

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