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Why Humanity Needs to Understand, Predict, and Control the Environment

Almost everyday, there are reports confirming and discrediting global warming. For example, the news media continuously reports record high temperatures throughout the world with sensation images of melting glaciers, frequent and violent weather storms, and flowers blooming earlier each year. A majority of scientists and researchers present convincing pieces of evidence that mankind is affecting the environment with pollution. They believe that when most types of fuel are burned, this releases carbon into the environment, and these carbon emissions or greenhouse gases are believed to thicken our atmosphere thus trapping in more of the sunís heat. This is called global warming.

Yet on the other side, a minority of scientists and researchers has presented contrary evidence to the opposite. They believe that there is no direct correlation between an increase of carbon in the atmosphere and global temperatures. They even have examples of the coldest temperatures ever in certain regions, and they tout the benefits of warmer weather for growing crops. Some people, especially big businesses, use historical evidence of periodic temperature changes of the world as proof that the planet is just in a natural cycle of temperature variation. Specifically, they believe that fluctuations in the sunís output, and not carbon emissions, are responsible for global warming and cooling; and therefore, mankind is not responsible for Earthís current global warming.

Whether global warming is happening or not, it is obvious that mankind needs much more research and consensus on the subject among our scientists. And since time is not on humanityís side, this information is critically needed as soon as possible. Therefore, I recommend that a council of scientists to be created to answer these questions. This council must be completely independent from any government or political group who may have alternative motives (i.e. greed). Furthermore, I think only the United Nations has enough oversight to charter such as council and require implementation of this councilís recommendations.

If global warming is real (whether naturally occurring, caused by mankind, or a combination of both), then mankind needs methods of regulating the worldís temperature. Even if global warming is not yet happening, the world is guaranteed to eventually suffer through periods of global warming and global cooling. And the unfortunate environmental catastrophes and lost of life that will be caused by global warming and global cooling can only be minimized or prevented with careful planning and action. Again, I believe only the United Nations may be able to get most, if not all, countries of the world to work together to address this problem.

Even though the theory of global warming has not been conclusively proven or if the theory of global warming is caused by mankind, it is obvious that mankind needs to better understand, predict, and control our environment for each and every generation to come.

by Phil for Humanity
on 07/01/2007

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