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The Advantages and Disadvantages of Curved Televisions

The press conference organized at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) had curved televisions as one of their showcases. Many high profile vendors, dealing with the manufacturing and distribution of televisions, had presented curved television in front of the media. After the display of curved 4k TV by Samsung, the curved screen has mystified a variety of people. You can now see these types of screens almost everywhere.

Advantages of Curved Television
  1. Curve screens provides theater quality depth enhancement or 3D effects.
  2. Reduce stretching and compressing of video that is common on flat projection screens.
  3. Curved TV also brings the edge closer to the consumers.
  4. It creates a wonderful theatrical effect.
Viewing Effect

Consumers will definitely have a difference in the viewing effect for both flat TV as well as curved TV. While viewing an object or two on a flat TV, you will get similar structure and size. However, when the viewing angle on a curved TV is a little different, this will greatly effect the viewing of objects on the screen. Say for example, if three chairs are displayed on the screen of a curved TV, the one in the middle will look the largest and the two in either side will be smaller. But, if we move to the edges and view from the cornered chairs, we will see a formation of semi circle and the size of the chair would be proportional. But, not all consumers will think and take the trouble to view the screen in various angles. So, here is the disadvantage of where curved televisions lies.

Low Widening Effect

Another disadvantage of curved TV will be inappropriate widening effect. Normally, viewers should watch television from a certain distance depending on screen size. Now, if you are viewing curved TV which has a semi circular effect, the person sitting in the middle would be to be further away from the television. Thus, everything becomes smaller in front of the person sitting in the middle.

Distortion of Picture

It is not possible for everyone to have a living room exactly like a theater. But, for getting an appropriate view of objects on a curved television, you must have a living room like a theater. Otherwise, images will get distorted beyond a certain viewing point. Even the viewers with wide seats do not get the benefits of the view fields. This is due to the fact that the envelop shifts to either sides. A person sitting in the right corner will not be in a state to look at the far right side of the screen and vice-versa.

To conclude, curved televisions is not beneficial for general room set up. But rather, it would provide benefit to only those who have an unusually large set up or mostly individual viewing. The person sitting in the middle will get a better image of the object in the screen, but the side viewers will only see a disproportionate video.

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by Sara Brown
on 01/31/2014

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