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Curved Wallets

If you are like most guys, then you put your wallet in your front pocket of your pants or shorts. If you are like me, then you think having your wallet in your front pocket gives an awkward and slightly uncomfortable sensation. This is not because our pockets are too small or our wallets are too large, but rather wallets are not the correct shape.

Basically, wallets are flat pieces of material while legs are curved, thus they do not press against each other well. So the obvious solution is to have curved and more flexible wallets that better fit the curvature of people’s legs. There even could be different curvatures for people with different leg shapes.

Now the problem with this idea is that not all contents of a wallet will easily fit into a curved wallet. For example, staggered or multi-rows of credit cards will create a rigid flat interior to any wallet. One possible solution is to center or stack all credit cards in the wallet to reduce their combined height and length. Another solution is to start having more flexible credit cards, similarly to how flexible cash is. Furthermore, since more people are using their cell phones and key fobs instead of credit cards, these new flexible and curved wallets will become even more popular.

by Phil for Humanity
on 02/12/2014

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