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DDTS Support: What is DDTS?

Distributed Defect Tracking System or DDTS has had several very different names, including but not limited to:
  • QualTrak
  • QualTrack
  • QualTracker
  • PureTracker
  • PureDDTS
  • PureDDTS WebTracker
  • DDTS
  • D.D.T.S.
  • d.D.T.S.
  • D.D.T.s.
  • ClearDDTS

Whatever the name, DDTS has always been a change management tracking software. An ideal tool for tracking changes to software, including defects and enhancements requests. Additionally, DDTS can be used to create customer support tickets for help desk support. It can even be used as a content management system and time tracking software.

by Phil for Humanity
on 07/13/2009

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