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DDTS Support: Common DDTS Commands

DDTS has quite a few executables. Here is a short list of the most common commands that you may need. All of these commands should be located in this path: DDTS_INSTALLATION_DIRECTORY/bin/ on DDTS Server.
  1. xddts: This command will run the graphical user interface (GUI) for DDTS.
  2. ddts: This command will run the non-graphical user interface or teletype (tty) for DDTS.
  3. findbug: Find defect number(s) based upon a command line query.
  4. dumpbug: Display a defect using a known defect number.
  5. bugval: Display field(s) of a defect.
  6. rmbug: Delete a defect. I do not recommend that you use this command.
  7. patchbug: Modify a defect. You must re-build the DDTS Database if you use this command.
  8. batchbug: Create and modify a defect. You may have to re-build the DDTS Database if you use this command.
  9. adminbug: Execute a DDTS administration command. This command has a lot of sub-commands.
  10. rdtest: Find syntax errors in a template file.
  11. tmpltest: Test a template file.
  12. ddtsclean: Basic house cleaning tasks, such as checking available licenses and emptying temporary directories.

Knowing these commands, you will become a DDTS expert.

by Phil for Humanity
on 07/13/2009

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