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DDTS Support: Create, Rename, Close, Re-Open, and Delete a DDTS Project

The command to create a new project in DDTS is:

adminbug aprj

This command will ask you a lot of questions, such as basing the new project off of an existing project. Answer these questions carefully. The new project will be created here in this directory "DDTS_INSTALLATION_DIRECTORY/project/PROJECT_NAME".

The command to rename a project in DDTS is this:

adminbug renm

The command to delete a project in DDTS is this:

adminbug dprj

I do not recommend ever deleting a DDTS project. Instead, use this command to close a project so no new defects can be submitted into the project and no defects in the project can be edited.

adminbug cprj

To re-open a closed DDTS project, use this command.

adminbug oprj

by Phil for Humanity
on 07/13/2009

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