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Delegate to Someone with No Authority

Here is today’s example of bad management.

"Delegate to someone with no authority."

At first glance, this is awful, since the manager knows that the task will never get completed when it is assigned to someone who does not have the authority to make the necessary changes. Basically, the manager is avoiding working on the task themselves for whatever reason.

Furthermore, the manager is preventing the task from ever being completed altogether. I can only assume this is intentional or an act of stupidity. Either way, this is bad management.

Additionally, assigning a task to someone who does not have the authority to complete the task means that the worker has all the liability of completing the task while the manager has none of the liability. In other words, the manager washes their hands of all risk of future failures because of this task not being completed. Thus, this task could be careering limiting for the worker, while the manager comes out smelling of roses as they say.

In conclusion, this is definitely another example of bad management all the way through.

by Phil for Humanity
on 06/23/2010

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