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Delivery Enhancements

Imagine that you are at the beach or a park, and you become a bit hungry. Now imagine that you call your favorite delivery restaurant, and you order your favorite fast food. Instead of providing an address, since you are not at any particular address, you provide your GPS coordinates that your cell phone can easily provide. Now the delivery person, with their cell phone or GPS, can deliver directly to you without the need of an actual address.

Now let us imagine a much more complicated situation. Consider that you are in motion or you do not know where you will be at the time a delivery, such as a postal delivery. For instance, you may be at work during business hours, you may be at home after work, or even at school or at the doctor’s office. However, you do not know when a package will be delivered to you, so you do not know which address (work, home, school, etc.) that you should provide. And you do not want the package left at the front door of an empty building where it could be stolen or damaged.

Instead of providing an address or GPS location, you could provide your cell phone tracking information, so that the delivery person or drone can deliver any package directly to you, even when you are traveling or when you do not know where you will be at the time of delivery.

When the delivery person or drone is in your vicinity, a message (text or email) could be sent to you to pick up your package outside of whatever building that you are in or maybe the message could tell you to stop your vehicle so that the package can be given to you. Or the message could be to meet at a nearby public rendezvous point at a certain time in the near future.

For added security, your cell phone could be used to release or confirm the delivery too with maybe NFC or a password to unlock the package. Thus, a cell phone could be used as a key to unlock any delivery that could be an additional and extremely useful form of security in particular with automated drone deliveries.

by Phil for Humanity
on 01/03/2014

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