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Depressing News

I have quite a few friends that refuse to watch or read the news because it is too depressing. It does not matter whether the news is local news or the world news, political news or environmental news, science or religion or even health; any type of news produces an immediate effect of melancholy, despair, sadness, and hopelessness for a lot of people. And these people therefore stop paying attention to the news because of it.

It is true that a disproportionately large percentage of news does appear to be sad and depressing, such as wars, murders, car accidents, lost people, and other unfortunate atrocities. However, this is no excuse of hiding from the realities of the world.

We live in a harsh world, and we need to be aware of what is happening around us and how they may affect us. Knowing about these issues and problems is the first step in preventing, mitigating, and finding solutions.

Furthermore, a lot of people are complacent when it comes to depressing news. Do something about it! Try turning some negative news into something positive. Or try to create more positive events and activities for the news to report on.

by Phil for Humanity
on 09/10/2007

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