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Diaper Bags versus Backpacks

All the diaper bags that I have found are over-sized shoulder bags. Their sheer size and long shoulder straps make diaper bags unwieldy and difficult to control, especially when holding a baby. Additionally, diaper bags are typically heavy, so my shoulders are not level. As a result, I end up leaning to one side while trying to hold a baby on the other arm and/or shoulder. This is not comfortably. I found out that the only way to semi-comfortably hold a diaper bag is to use your hand to control it, to help prevent it from hitting the front of my thigh while walking. Therefore, I have one less hand to hold the baby with, take care of the baby with, or even to just open doors with.

As a result, I have concluded to NEVER recommend buying or even using a diaper bag.

Instead, I recommend a simple backpack. Yes, something that you probably already have stored in your closet and not using. Backpacks are carried carefree. Backpacks can even hold more weight much more easily than a diaper bag without being too uncomfortable to carry. Backpacks make walking quickly almost effortless when compared to diaper bags. And the biggest advantages that backpacks have is that they free up both hands and shoulders that you will need.

If you are going to get a backpack, then I recommend that you get one with drink holders on the outside. These are the perfect place for sippy cups with their easy access. I found that my daughter even gets her own drinks now... and even takes my bottle.

by Phil for Humanity
on 10/11/2011

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