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Does Global Warming Cause Earthquakes?

Assume for a moment that global warming, whether manmade or not, is real.

That means that Earth’s atmosphere on average is getting warmer. This warmer weather in turn makes the surface of the ground warmer too. Furthermore, the warmer surface of ground warms the ground below it. Naturally, the further down into the Earth, the less warming would occur. I would imagine this cascading warming will not penetrate very deep into the Earth, but no one knows for certain just like know one knows for certain if global warming is occurring.

This is also true for the planet's water. The warmer weather in turn warms all the Earth’s oceans, seas, lakes, glaciers etc. It is even possible that the land below the water is warmed too, depending on the depth of the water and amount of heat being absorbed by the water. Again, no one knows the complete impact of the planet warming.

Finally, it is basic science that most objects expand (i.e. water, dirt, air, etc.) or contract (i.e. ice) when heated.

Even tiny localized expansions and contractions can have a huge collective impact on the Earth's oceans, atmosphere, land, and possibly even the tectonic plates.

With all of these logical inferences, if global warming is real than climate change will cause or at the very least affect earthquakes.

by Phil for Humanity
on 03/04/2010

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