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Double Standard of Opinions

I was recently told:

"When you say it, it is pessimistic. When I say it, it is realistic."

I have always intuitively understood that there was a fine line between pessimism and realism.

I always assumed it was with how something was said or written that made that something sound more pessimistic or realistic than it really was. And I knew that people who are more optimistic think that realism is much closer to pessimism than optimism.

However, what I did not truly grasp was that pessimism, realism, and optimism are all just a matter of opinion for each person. And most people tend to have a much higher opinion about themselves and their opinions than the opinions of other people.

Therefore, most people think of themselves much more optimistic and realistic, than what other people may think of them. And most people think other people are much more pessimistic than themselves.

Basically, this is a prime example of a double standard when comparing oneself with others. I think it is time to re-evaluate my opinions of other people and their opinions.

by Phil for Humanity
on 05/13/2012

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