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How to Make Programming Easier

There are two types of programming languages. First, there are compilation programming languages that converts the entire program into a machine executable software, such as Pascal, C, and C++. Second, there are interpretation programming languages, also known as scripts, that execute source code line by line, such as Perl or Lisp.

Both types of programming languages have their advantages. For instance, compilation programming languages are much faster to run and much small in executable size. However, interpretation programming languages are faster to implement and easier to debug.

So, I have a simple suggestion for anyone thinking about writing a new programming language. Why don't your programming language work as both a compilation and an interpretation programming language. That means that you would have to implement both a compiler and an interpreter for your programming language. This way, your new programming language would have the benefit of BOTH types of programming languages. Basically, software developers would first write, test, and debug their software using the interpreter. However, software developers would compile their final source code for performance, smaller size, and further testing.

I believe this simple suggestion would make programming easier and much more fun.

by Phil for Humanity
on 08/21/2010

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