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An Issue with Electrical Safety Plugs

I have discovered an issue with electrical safety plugs, those that protect babies from the dangers of electrical sockets, that I do not think their manufacturers realize.

I often have to remove an electrical safety plug to plug something, typically the vacuum cleaner, into the wall’s electrical socket. The problem is that have to be extra careful with what I do with the unplugged electrical safety plug, because my children think the electrical safety plugs are pacifiers, and thus they put safety plugs in their mouths. So, I always try to remember to put the unused electrical safety plugs in my pocket, however I have noticed that not all women’s clothing have pockets thus women need to put the plug somewhere where the children cannot reach it (that is starting to become impossible).

As a result, I have several recommendations to the manufacturers of electrical safety plugs. First, do not make electrical safety plugs look like pacifiers, since children do not always know the difference. Second, make safety plugs out of baby safe plastic (i.e. BFA free). Finally, make electrical safety plugs sturdier so children can chew on them without the concern that small pieces of plastic may break off.

by Phil for Humanity
on 06/05/2012

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