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Encountering Aliens from another World

No person is ever going to shake hands or appendage with an alien from another planet.

I am not saying there are no alien life forms; but rather, physical contact between humans and aliens should never happen. No alien life form should ever directly interact with our ecosystem at all. Even a brief encounter between two totally different ecologies could have permanent damage to all life forms in both ecosystems.

For instance, most alien bacteria and viruses would most likely die in our ecosystem and probably die quickly too. However, some of these alien bacteria and viruses will probably not die. A very small number of them will probably prosper in our ecosystem that is not equipped to handle these new alien invaders. As a result, these alien invaders would most likely destabilize our ecosystem unlike anything mankind has ever faced before, because life forms in our ecosystem would not had any time to evolve any natural defenses against a truly alien invader. These alien invaders will mostly likely kill a huge number of life on the planet and even entire species, and that includes the possibility of the entire human race too.

And this problem is a two-way street too. No intelligent alien would want bacteria and viruses from our planet either for the same reasons. The devastating effects of alien invaders into their ecosystem would be catastrophe for them too.

With that said and understood, this leads to the point that a lot of people have said that they have already come into direct contact with alien life forms. And those encounters resulted with no devastating foreign plagues or diseases.. at least not in our ecosystem. As a result, this non-existing evidence is more proof that aliens have not visited our planet, despite what some people believe and have said.

On the other hand, if these aliens came from our planet, including from the near past or future, then they might not need to worry about our diseases, since they would have already been exposed to them. Or if these aliens are completely sterile even internally, such as a robot could possibly be, then they would not bring diseases to our planet. Finally, a genetically engineered species made specifically for interaction on our planet would be immune to all diseases if it was designed to be that way. I realize I have just contradicted myself, but the possibilities could exist.

Of course, this article is entirely fanciful and theoretical guesswork with a lot of imagination. However, I strongly believe it would not be safe for two totally alien ecosystems to ever directly interact with each other.

by Phil for Humanity
on 10/09/2008

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