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Eradicate Dictators, Tyrants, Monarchs, and Religious Zealots

Even though the 21st Century is an enlightened period of time when democracy is common knowledge, freedom and self-determination is still not common. A lot of countries are still ruled by dictators, tyrants, monarchs, and religious zealots.

Democracy may be a very cumbersome and inefficient form of government; yet without doubt, democracies provide the most liberties, freedoms, and free-will for their citizens. At times, democracies may be equally corrupt as dictators and tyrants; yet, democracies are more likely and more easily able to replace their corrupt government officials with hopefully less corrupt ones.

While some monarchies and religious countries have higher standards of living than some democracies, the lack of free-will and liberty is a high cost that can not be measured. Furthermore, even if a monarchy or religious country is currently benevolent and promotes prosperity, there is no guarantee that the next unelected leader to gain power will be equally benevolent and generous. And since these types of leaders are in power for very long periods of time, this can seriously harm the stability, economic, and welfare of these countries and their citizens. Therefore without any method to easily and periodically replace bad leaders, it is only a matter of time before an undemocratic country undergoes political and economic regression of freedoms and prosperity.

Even monarchies that only have symbolic powers validate the existence of other monarchies that do yield power. Whether having real political power or not, the very existence of royalty should be considered outdated. Furthermore, monarchs should step down from their archaic titles for the advancement of modern culture.

On the other hand, there are dozens of governments that are governed by dictators and tyrants. Some of these types of leaders typically have little or no concern for their citizens. Even some of these leaders that do care are ineffective as leaders. Either way, these leaders are typically unwilling to step down from power and be replaced by a better democratic government.

Therefore, all non-democratic governments can be improved by becoming democratic. Unfortunately, democracy is not as easy as wishing for it.

The only way to achieve this goal is by the citizens from each non-democratic country demanding to be liberated, but please remember what Gandhi achieved through "peaceful civil disobedience". Also remember that a country and its citizens can best achieve greatness through self-determination and liberty.

Let the arguments begin...

by Phil for Humanity
on 12/11/2007

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