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Evolution is Dead

Well, not quite. And only natural evolution is dying.

For thousands of years, mankind has bred plants and animals to create more desired and useful plants and animals. For instance, modern corn has been bred to such a large size that it is no longer able to reproduce without manís assistance. Modern dairy cows produce too much milk; because if they are not often drained of milk, they could leak, burst, become infected, and possibly die. Furthermore, most domesticated dogs can not survive in the wild even with special training. Since natural evolution is extremely slow and mankindís selective breeding programs only take a few generations to produce a completely new species, natural evolution has already taken a backseat to mankindís breeding programs.

Additionally, mankind has successfully killed off several species all together. For instance, there are no more European wolves in existence and mammoths probably became extinct because of mankind. Even certain diseases have been permanently eradicated from the planet, and dozens of other diseases will soon be too. Again, natural evolution did not cause most of the extinctions during humanityís reign.

Currently, scientists are creating new species with desired characteristics in the lab significantly faster than evolution creates new species. In a single generation, new species can be artificially created and destroyed, while natural evolution could take thousands of years to do the same but only haphazardly. Scientists are even able to replace flawed or damaged genes with different genes to attempt to cure genetic defects. This is something that natural evolution could possibly never correct.

Eventually scientists will be able enhance even people. For example, imagine not only correcting your eyesight with gene therapy, but also ensuring that all of your descendants do not inherit your old genes of poor eyesight too. Scientists will one day be able to enhance the memory and intelligence of your children, so that they will do better in school and achieve more in life. Doctors and scientists will be able to customize babies before they are born just like picking options at a car dealership.

In the near future, natural evolution or random changes in the genetic code of any species can be quickly fixed if desired. Even perfectly good genes can be immediately improved upon. As a result, natural evolution is doomed. Mankindís meddling of Mother Nature is only going to increase exponentially as bioengineering become more understood and perfected. Therefore artificial evolution is the future.

by Phil for Humanity
on 06/06/2008

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