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Fear of Death and Dying

Are you afraid of death? Or are you afraid of dying? Or both?

I find it strange that some people are afraid of death. If someone is religious, then they have faith that there is an afterlife. I assume that most of these people know where they are going (heaven or hell) in the afterlife. As a result, they can either accept their ultimate destination or change their ways. Either case, they should not be afraid of death. Therefore, only the religious people who do not know if they are going to either heaven or hell should be afraid of death and the afterlife. In that case, shouldn’t these people try harder to make it into heaven instead of continuing living the same life in fear?

On the other hand, people who are not religious do not belief in the afterlife. Hence, they believe that they will cease to exist when they die. Therefore, I would assume that means that there is nothing to fear in death, so they too should not fear death. However, I am told that the possibility of non-existence is fearful. My only question in response to them is why? I’ve never received a straight answer or a psychologically good reason for this fear.

Now the fear of dying is completely different. Religious people have faith in the afterlife, so they are less fearful of dying. However, they still fear dying.

Additionally, dying slowly is typically very painful. And everyone, whether religious or not, is afraid of a slow painful death. I think almost everyone, who is not masochistic, would prefer a quick and painless death. However, very few people know how they are going to die and how painful it will be.

As a result, almost everyone should be afraid of dying, however very few people should be afraid of death.

by Phil for Humanity
on 04/07/2010

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