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Filling Senate Seats

I have a great idea where to find qualified people to fill the Senate seats of both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. The unemployment office of course!

That's right. Let us fill those two seats with qualified people who are seriously looking for a job and even need a job. We are in recession, possibly even in a depression, and the average person needs a job a lot more than the rich and famous. I am confident that there are hundreds, if not thousands, of qualified people in both the states of New York and Illinois that need a job but are not famous.

Instead of filling these seats with rich and famous people who do not need a job, we should select an average person who knows how tough it is in the real world. For instance, do you really think that Caroline Kennedy, who has lived her whole life in luxury, is qualified to represent the average voter? Or how about Actress Fran Drescher, famous from her television show "The Nanny"? Does a rich actress represent the average American?

You decide.

by Phil for Humanity
on 12/19/2008

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