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Firing Idiots!

There I was, sitting at work on another boring afternoon. Then BAM!! One of my fellow office workers proves how useless they are... again.

You know their type. They need to have their hand held whenever something goes wrong. Without going into details for fear of getting into trouble and losing my job, why can't some people solve problems by themselves? They immediately and directly bother the most technical and productive people to figure out trivia issues that they should quickly figure out for themselves. And when they do have a real difficult problem that involves analysis and thinking, they give up without seriously trying to solve the problem first. They are also not even able to explain their problems in any useful way either. I think as soon as they hit a problem that they have never encountered before, their brains turn off and work comes to a complete halt until they are rescued.

It is getting more and more painful for me to deal with stupid people who should know better, because they have college degrees and several years of experience. I can understand new employees, especially young kids straight out of college, having these types of problems, but these issues happen almost everyday even with senior employees that have lots more experience than me.

Don't managers see the uselessness, counter-productivity, and extreme slowness in accomplishing basic tasks from certain individuals in their teams? I am beginning to think that managers are blind to these problems; because they either do not care, are not looking at their people as the source of their problems, think some productivity is better than none especially if hiring a replacement is too difficult, or think firing someone is not worth the hassle in a large corporation.

As a result, I wish I could fire idiots. Right there on the spot. Wouldn't it be nice to say, "You're a useless and unproductive idiot! You're fired!" The company that I work for would be so much better off for it. Morale would be higher. Productivity would increase.

I also wish that we could hire replacements for these idiots. Then again, I also wish that I would win the lottery and could retire.

by Phil for Humanity
on 02/16/2007

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