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The First Worldwide Culture is the Internet

For the first time in history, the world has a single culture and that culture is the Internet.

Some people would characterize the Internet as a subculture. This is true on the local, regional, and national levels where only a percentage or sometimes only a tiny minority of the population use the Internet. However, all of these subcultures are intertwined to form their own superculture that expands the entire world. It is believed that in the very near future, there will be more people using the Internet than there are people in any single country. This may have happened already.

While not everyone in the world contributes to the Internet culture, almost everyone is at least indirectly affected by the Internet. On the Internet, there are people who are partaking in the Internet culture by continuously contributing information, pictures, data, and videos that have direct interests and/or indirect consequences for each and every person.

Another example of the first world culture is that more people want to learn the English language, because English is the most common language on the Internet and people want to better comprehend the information of the Internet. As a result, more people now understand English than ever before. Even if a person does not understand English, websites can be automatically translated into almost any other language with only a few clicks. Thus, this world culture easily allows anyone to be a contributing and productive member, yet this culture also greatly influences how people learn throughout the world while having also no constraints on what people can learn.

Not only is the Internet the culture of the world, but this culture is growing faster than any previous culture. Attempts to track how many people are on the Internet and how many people are joining the Internet each year are only estimates at best. This Internet culture is so large and diverse that I think you would agree that almost anything can be found on the Internet. Furthermore, this culture is also evolving faster than any culture before. There are more options and sources of information each and every day.

As a result, the Internet is the ultimate melting pot of different cultures throughout the world, where information and ideas can be shared with almost anyone in the world and morphed into something new almost instantaneously.

That is why the Internet is the first worldwide culture.

by Phil for Humanity
on 11/24/2007

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