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Five Motivational Tips

On a daily basis, I struggle with motivation issues. Heck, I am even struggling right now for a reason to write this article.

I think this is because laziness is a fundamental cornerstone of the human mind, yet I believe I figured out five sure fire ways to quickly become motivated.

  1. The first method is instilling a sense of fear in yourself. Since fear is one of the strongest motivators in the human psyche, think about what you could lose if you do not complete the task that you are not motivated to do. For instance, what could happen if you do not get a yearly medical checkup? What is the worse thing that could happen if you do not mow the lawn, wash the dishes, or study for an exam?

  2. The second method is instilling a sense of desire for yourself. I think this is because greed is one of the other great motivators in the human psyche. For instance, if you go to college, then how much more income will you earn? If you start a business, when could you retire? What do you gain if you complete a task or project?
  3. The next method is prioritizing your tasks. List each of your responsibilities on a sheet of paper and then sort them into three categories of "Must get done", "Should be completed", and "Nice to have". If you are like me, then I think you will find that just having a prioritized list of things to do makes me motivated. Otherwise, prioritizing your tasks will give you a greater incentive to complete the more important tasks first and give you a better sense of accomplishment with respects to what is truly important.
  4. Next, reward yourself for each goal that you complete. No matter how short term a difficult goal may have been, a little incentive is sometimes all that people need to start or finish a project that they dread doing.
  5. Finally, develop a support system to stay motivated. This is the same logic as having a workout buddy. Those of us who have someone who count on us are much more motivated with sticking to a schedule. Or just having a spouse or best friend cheering us on is motivation enough.
We all struggle with motivation issues at one time or another, yet these five motivation tips work wonders for me. I can only hope that they work for you too.

Good luck!

by Phil for Humanity
on 08/16/2007

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