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Fixing the Green Party

The green party (also known as the green parties) is a political group that is primarily concerned with environmentalism. In my opinion throughout the world, the green party is not gaining enough support. Why is that? What is holding back the growth of the green party? Here are my three theories.

First, environmentalists are better known to be very passionate and vocal about their beliefs and causes. Most people are much more practical and reserved, hence most people are not environmentalists and do not support the green party. What is needed is for the image of the green party to be changed from over emotional extremists to a group of educated intellectuals that calmly and rationally address ecological issues. I call this theory "Environmentalism with the Mind versus Heart." This is the exact purpose of my Phil for Humanity website.

Second, environmentalists only seem to get large support when a major ecological disaster happens, such as the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill. Unfortunately under normal circumstances, large support for the environment and thus the green party is only temporary. As long as disasters are in the news, people are interested in helping the environment, people in need, and the world. This is the typical "out of sight, out of mind" psychology of most non-environmentalists. As a result, appealing to people's nobler motives has had only mediocre success in helping the environment so far.

Regrettably, I can only conceive of a single radical solution to address this issue. I recommend that environmentalists should only try to resolve issues that are critical, so that these issues can quickly gain enough support and momentum that they need. This may mean to allow small issues to become MUCH worse, thus media coverage of the environmental movement would be much higher and support would be too. Unfortunately we already have a worldwide environmental disaster that seems to be doing just what is needed. Global warming appears to be such a massive disaster in the making that every single person will be impacted each and everyday in the future to the point that environmentalism will be the world's most important concern. I can only hope someone else can recommend a better solution. If you have any ideas, please contact me here.

Third, most people and businesses are not concerned about the environment enough to actually do something. Whatever their reasons, I truly believe that people and companies do not know all of their opportunities that they can do to help the environment. We need to give people and businesses more suggestions on what they can EASILY do, such as supporting their local green party. Here is a list of green parties around the world that can use our support.

Even though the green party does not have enough support, there are at least three possible solutions to help increase support for the green party. I hope that everyone takes some action and support various environmental groups. I highly recommend my website and Greenpeace International.

by Phil for Humanity
on 09/03/2006

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