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Flag Burning

Flag burning or flag desecration is the act of destroying or defacing a flag, the symbol of a country or an organization, in order to make a political statement. Even though burning or defacing a flag is only a symbolic expression of free speech, it can have a very real and powerful emotional reaction.

Some people even believe that flags are sacred and therefore should not be damaged in any deliberate way. However, flags typically do not have any religious meaning, so they can not be sacred items. Furthermore, flags are primarily used to denote a country and most countries separate religion and politics, so burning a nationís flag again can not be sacred. Other people even believe that the proper was of disposing of a flag is by burning it.

At most, burning a flag is a political statement against a country or an organization. It is often seen as unpatriotic if a person burns the flag of their own nation. While other people believe that burning their nationís flag is a patriotic demonstration against the actions of their country and thus requesting political change. These people believe that flag burning is just a form of freedom of speech that can shock otherwise complacent people into action.

Logic dictates that there are no technical reasons why desecrating flags should be illegal, despite how it might offend some people. Just like other types of freedom of speech may be offensive to some individuals. As long as flag burning is done safely, without harming any person, and does not involve destroying or damaging property that does not belong to the flag burners, then flag burning is morally acceptable form of freedom of speech even though it may be considered unpatriotic or offensive to some individuals.

by Phil for Humanity
on 10/23/2007

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