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Another Fundamental Flaw with Online Advertisement

Imagine for a moment, you are reading an interesting article or watching a cool video on the Internet for free. Thatís not hard to imagine, since you are doing it now. Now imagine that you want to give thanks to the provider for the content that you just saw, so you intentionally click on an advertisement on that webpage.

You had no care what so ever for the advertisement. You may not have even read the ad that you clicked on, and you even close the advertisementís window as soon as it loads without ever looking at it either.

This revolutionary change of people who are not interested in advertisement yet clicking on those ads for thanks and support could seriously harm the business model of online Internet advertising. For example, Googleís AdSense can only try to ensure that their clients, web content providers, are honest so that they are not clicking on the Google ads on their own webpages. Google does this by continuously monitoring the AdSense clicks for click fraud (intentional clicking on a siteís advertisement for only revenue) from a similar set of sources.

However, the Achillesí heel or fundamental flaw of Internet advertising is if a large number of people start clicking on ads just as a sign of gratitude. There is almost no way for Internet advertisers, such as Google, to find these types of click fraud if it is randomly spread throughout every person who uses the web.

by Phil for Humanity
on 01/21/2007

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