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Free Parking

I've come to realize that people are wasting a lot of time circling parking lots looking for the best possible parking space. As a result, I've decided to build a list of all the advantages of parking quickly and farther away.
  1. Save time: In my opinion, my time is worth more to me than having to walk a few extra meters. Additionally, the extra time walking is usually less than the time circling the parking lot or the time waiting for a better parking space to free up.
  2. Save fuel: Thus, save money. You can't argue with that logic.

  3. More walking: Let's be honest with ourselves, we all need more exercise.. at least we can walk more.
  4. Less Aggravation: When you don't get that optimum parking space, people typically get aggravated.
  5. Patience: When you park at the far end of a parking lot, you can take your time putting your purchases in the car or put the children in the car without feeling rushed when someone is waiting for your parking spot.
  6. Less Traffic: Parking further away means less traffic that you have to deal with, and less likely that your car will be hit by another car. This includes the lesser likelihood of another car door scratching your car.

I hope I've convinced you that it is okay to park further away, for all of our sakes.

by Phil for Humanity
on 10/02/2011

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