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Freedom for Everyone

Approximately half of the world's population is ruled by dictators, monarchs, religious zealots, and communist tyrants who restrict freedom for their people.

Currently, the democratic governments of the world have been attempting to promote freedom in other countries by trading with them. They believe that trading with these repressive countries will increase knowledge of freedom and support democratic changes in these countries. This is not working. It never has and probably never will. All the countries that have naturally collapsed (i.e. not invaded) and been replaced with working democracies, such as Russia, were not because of trading and promotion of democracy. It was because of capitalism.

For instance, the Russian economy could no longer sustain itself, let alone compete globally, under a strict communist market. The Russian leaders realized this and slowly initiated change for a more capitalist market, before ever considering democracy.

On the other hand, there are plenty of other repressive countries, that limit their people's freedoms much more and have thriving economies. For example, China is one of the most totalitarian societies that exist in the world. Supposedly, China is a communist people's republic, however global capitalism fuels their economy. Their communist leaders are more of a repressive regime that no longer supports a true communist market. These leaders have realized that a successful economy is necessary for the survival of China and their continued rule. Furthermore, this thriving economy is continuously improving the quality of life for the Chinese people. As a result, this is having an added benefit for the communist party to help pacify the Chinese population. For the average Chinese citizen, the quality of life is good enough and improving enough to not overthrow the communist party. Only when a country's population is suffering a lot, do significant changes in their government happen.

Another example are Muslim countries, such as Iran and Saudi Arabia. These countries export so much oil and import so much money that again the quality of life has been artificially risen to prevent sufficient internal discontent to replace these monarchies and religious dictators.

North Korea is not even trying to improve the quality of life for its' people or its' economy. Rather, North Korea has almost no trading, relies on free food from other countries, and has completely closed their borders. The current policy of promoting democracy throughout the world is not even making a tiny impact in North Korea.

How in this day and age can we continue to allow this? Trading with repressive countries is supporting these governments. Additionally, buying their oil and their cheap labor goods has decreased the wealth of free and democratic countries. This has also increased the rate of lost of manufacturing jobs and increasing outsourcing and offshoring of white collar jobs too.

I recommend that all the free nations of the world consider to completely stop trading with repressive non-democratic and non-free countries. This would obvious cause a huge shift in the economies of the world and temporarily increasing costs of goods, but the shift of jobs and factories to other countries will resolve this issue, especially since there are plenty of free and democratic countries that in the world that are poor such as India and Mexico. Of course, big businesses would initially be against this idea, because it would impact their short term profits; but their long term profits would be much higher, since more people would eventually have a democratic government with an open capitalistic market. A bigger problem would be our reliance on foreign oil. This shift would require to be very slow to help find and develop other energy sources without supporting repressive regimes.

In conclusion, the free and democratic nations of the world need to reverse their policies for trading with repressive countries to help free half of the world's population and make the world a true democratic society.

by Phil for Humanity
on 10/16/2006

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