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Fuel Efficient People

Not only is gluttony one of the seven deadly sins, but now there is another reason to eat less. I like to think of this idea as making people more fuel efficient.

Think about this idea for a moment. Most of the people in first world countries are overweight and probably need to go on a diet. Not just any diet to lose weight, but a diet to permanently keep the excess weight off.

By eating less, some people can help the environment just as much as using a more fuel efficient car or energy efficient light bulb. This is because a large amount of resources are used to grow food; and by decreasing the amount of food consumed, then less food needs to be grown and fewer resources are used to grow food. Thus, eating less food is good for the environment.

Similarly, I have often heard that meat is the most resource intensive food to grow; therefore decreasing the amount of meat a person eats would be more environmentally friendly than reducing the consumption of other types of food.

As a result, not only is it important to the environment for people to eat less, but it is important for people to eat less of certain types of food that have a higher impact on the environment than other types of food.

Now, don't you agree that people need to be more fuel efficient too?

by Phil for Humanity
on 11/11/2008

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